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resource_links_copy_copy_copy_copyBefore I get started, a big thank you to Jon Chandler and AndyO for suggesting this feature and assisting throughout the development.


 Everyone has a folder full of handy resources which they have found on the Internet. It's likely that you have kept them so well organised and quickly accessible because they were quite hard to find or are so-often used you couldn't go without them.

Rather than horde them all to yourself, you can now share your handy resources via the new component Resource Links.



Share your resources

At the bottom of every resource page is a footer which lists common tasks for link management. Every user has control of their own resource links which means that only you and administration can modify the link or its description. For content that is not your own there is a section below which covers link improvements and reporting abuse.

Please keep the content electronics related! Also, if a category does not exist for your contribution then place it in the "Uncategorized" folder. Afterwards you can click the footer link "Suggest a Category" and an administrator will make the appropriate changes.



Rate resources

While every resource should be value-adding in someway, some are better than others. Visitors may rate resources to improve the way content is sorted within each category - the higher the rating, the higher the resource will be listed. Easy!


Improve or report links

If you would like to suggest link improvements or report abuse, please use this forum. Provide a link to the entry along with a short description of your suggestion or report.

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