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At all times you remain responsible for yourself and your well-being.

Electricity isn't just lethal, it's lethal. Never attempt to use lethal voltages unless you have been competently trained and assessed to do so.


Content Guidelines

Here are some simple guidelines to save ourselves a couple of heated debates (please contact a moderator to discuss concerns):

Project and Homework Help

The members here at Digital-DIY include a large range of talents and will go to great lengths help people out, with one important distinction; most of the members here are willing to put as much effort into your project as you are. If you ask a vague, open-ended question that demonstrates no knowledge what-so-ever of the topic, you'll probably receive few if any replies. If you've put some effort into the project and done some research and need some help understanding a concept, making a circuit work or debugging code, you'll probably receive some excellent replies if it's a topic that people here know something about. The replies here will generally favor helping you learn about a concept rather than doing a project for you.

One final point. Please recognize that people taking the time to answer your posts are taking time out from their projects to help you. Show a little appreciation. Here's some more guidance for Help Vampires.

Misleading or dangerous guidance

While there's the odd expert amongst our community, most of us are "technically-curious" and enjoy learning or helping others. Inherently, almost everyone is going to make a slip here-and-there (which is fine).

Repeatedly misleading others (partial/confusing/wrong information) or providing dangerous guidance will land the offending member a warning. Their posts may also be edited/removed.


Contributions that hold no value for our community (commercial or otherwise) will be marked as spam and deleted. Members can do this by clicking the report icon "!" on any post.

Further, new members must have their first post validated by a Queue Moderator before their account is granted full access. This prevents bots from registering and posting spam.

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