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TOPIC: Via Hack-A-Day: Eagle Boards with Customized Shapes

Re: Via Hack-A-Day: Eagle Boards with Customized Shapes 5 years 8 months ago #16585

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Using an OpenSCAD shape as the board outline in EAGLE

Bryan Duxbury

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I’ve been working on a Charlieplexed LED analog clock. The finished product will be an artfully routed PCB in a clear acrylic enclosure. Since the PCB will be the centerpiece, I want it to be pretty cool looking, including an interesting outline. The design I’m going for pictured below. It’s the union of four different rotations of the convex hull of a central circle and a smaller outer circle. Simple, right?

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Via Hack-A-Day: Eagle Boards with Customized Shapes 3 years 2 months ago #17734

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Eagle seems to be written to exasperate people ... with great success. (I also use several other software packages including Cadence).

The CMD: DRAW is pretty poor compared to a free UPL CIRCULAR LAYOUT (Google it) - also search for "Circular Layout ULP for Eagle" by Darrell Tan. Do a Google for "TicTocTrac" and see an excellent example of circular application.

As you will find out from the article even AdaFruit did some hand-jobs in their PCBs!

Highly recommended!
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