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TOPIC: Site Updates (October 3, 2011)

Re: Site Updates (October 3, 2011) 7 years 9 months ago #15940

There have been plenty of updates recently. Here are a couple of the highlights amongst the myriad of changes:

  • Automated social network integration. New articles will now publish directly to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Forum social network integration. You will notice a "Share this topic on" section after the first post on each topic.
  • Removed ads for both registered members and guests. Revenue from Google Adsense was minimal and I'd rather not have it at the cost of taking page real estate or redirecting visitors.
  • URL tweaks. Categories and articles now follow a naming convention to ensure no conflicts in the future while maintaining good SEO. There will be a disruption over the next couple of weeks until all old URLs are correctly forwarded.
  • Email PM notifications fixed. Sorry about those!
  • Forum login issue resolved. Members were not able to login from the forum login links.
  • Article tabs & slides fixed. I've also updated the article guide with usage tips.
  • Article images no longer automatically resized. The article editor supports manual image resizing and thumbnails (via the Image Manager tool
  • Plenty of styling corrections all over the site.
Known Issues
  • Session synchronisation between the CMS and forum. Members can not "dual" login from the forum, also, session sync'ing does not work.
  • Swordfish multi-line comments {..} are not supported in the article code editor tool

As always, please feel free to report issues or offer suggestions
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