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TOPIC: Picaxe can do psudo multitasking...

Re: Picaxe can do psudo multitasking... 8 years 2 months ago #8756

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I was just having a read on the approach, very impressive! For some reason I don't completely trust it..
It probably works fairly well for what it is. Since control always returns to the BASIC kernel after each statement, you don't have to worry too much about atomic access for shared variable accesses and such. You obviously would have to be VERY careful if you were to try and share a peripheral... that could get hairy. In systems like this since you don't really have access to true hardware interrupts, a lot of the complication that you'd have otherwise is removed.

I think the most difficult thing would be anything timing related. There you lose out since you have no real idea how long it's going to be before your next line executes. You don't get 10MHz of the 40MHz cpu clock... that's not how these things work. For that you'd have to have true parallel cores. The kernel does have some features for handling a buffered hardware UART, but much of anything else could be tricky.

Given what the focus of the picaxe seems to be, it's probably a decent platform for someone first starting in programming. After you get your feet good and wet I think it would be best to leave it behind. I read folks on the forum trying to/complaining about how they really wanted to use features like inline asm with it so they could "boost performance". Square peg, round hole.
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