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TOPIC: £2.99 PIC Development Board

Re: £2.99 PIC Development Board 8 years 9 months ago #15224

Xino Basic - The kit comes with everything you see above (supplied as a kit, un-assembled)

I would imagine that this came just in time for Christmas for a few people. Ciseco have managed to put together a development board package that costs £2.99, and they have also provided very low shipping costs (£2.50 international).

While the Xino does not have an abundance of useful hardware to get applications/projects functional, it does provide a great learning platform that is compatible with the ever-so-popular Arduino shield layout. Transistor Transistor Logic

From the eBay listing:

The XINO basic is the "little brother" to the XINO. Designed to be the most economic way possible of running a PIC or PICAXE with Arduino plug and play shaped shields.

The inspiration for this board was requested by a number of educational users. They said they wanted child friendly devices at pocket money prices, like the XINO, but for less.

So the thoughts began.............

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