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TOPIC: Programming a New Development Board

Re: Programming a New Development Board 9 years 10 months ago #15255

When starting a new project on either a development board or a board of my own design, rather than trying to do everything in one huge programming effort, I break the project down into small pieces and work towards the end goal in small sections.  This process really saves on  frustration and makes troubleshooting easier when problems occur.

I'll use the Sure Electronics PICDEM+ board as an example for the following discussion.  It's got a PIC18F4520 and number of devices installed including an LCD display, a 4 digit, seven-segment LED display, an I2C EEPROM (24C02) and temperature chip (LM75), a buzzer and some LEDs and switches.  Some of these devices share port pins, so you can't use everything at once, but it's a good platform for development.  It's also got an ICSP connector (location) and a USB interface via a CP2102 USB - UART bridge.  Sure Electronics sells mainly on ebay, with a very good reputation.

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