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TOPIC: Image Resizer.. Explained

Re: Image Resizer.. Explained 8 years 11 months ago #14880

You might have noticed by now that Digital DIY uses a fixed width of 960 pixels. Large images use to look quite out of place when they extended past the sites borders. In an effort to make the site as easy-to-use as possible, an image re-sizer has been added to try resolve such issues.

It is configured to create thumbnails in content for any images with a width greater than 674 pixels (a width that suites the site styling).

Here's the catch-22: The image re-sizer will override image sizing options unless the text mt_ignore: is located at the start of the image alt field. For example:

The text following the mt_ignore: is the alternate text which will be displayed in the event of your image not being found. In this case it was defined as "picture01" - it could be anything, or nothing - your call.

Why is this handy info?
With almost any sort of automation comes conflict.. Image size settings (both height and width) will be discarded unless you include mt_ignore: in the image alternate text field. I have define a custom width of 500px in the above example.

When do I use this?
If your image exceeds 674px and you do not want a giant thumbnail created for it - use the above guide and define your custom size settings. Easy as that

Re: Image Resizer.. Explained 8 years 11 months ago #2426

I should note that the above guide is for article content - not the forum
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