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Re: CMS Tips 9 years 2 months ago #14799

The content management system (CMS) has undergone some changes, and I thought a quick 'tips' topic would come in handy for my own reference and others.

Image Borders
First of all, everyone has probably noticed the background is no longer white. This may make some images look a little out of place, particularly those with white backgrounds. Such images can be formatted with the imgborder class tag, which applies a greyish border (I find it helps 'blend' the image to the site style). To add this class, simply click on the image, followed by the image menu tool imgborder formatting can be found on the first image here.

Image Resizing
Any image that exceeds 674px in width will be resized (to 674px wide). A thumbnail is created which links to the full sized image. An example of this feature is shown on the first image here.

There is little quality loss (~10%) with thumbnail compression, and there is no harm in using the feature. For really large images, quality -may- become an issue.

Animated GIFs
If you have an animated GIF which exceeds 674px on the other hand, it will be cached as a thumbnail and no-longer be animated. You can remove resizing on a case-by-case basis, and use the image resize option instead.

In the above image I am force disabling thumbnail generation by including the text mt_nothumb: in the image alt field. I am then hard setting the image width to 676 (this exceeds the thumbnail size - though 676px is what the resized thumb would be including the border; making use of every pixel!)

The above example can be found in "The Results" section of this article.

Youtube Videos
They have always been supported on the site, though here's how you do it:

An example can be found on the hard working PCB Rocker page. In that case, the url for the video is:

So to embed the video on an article, I would use this:

If I think of anything else that would be handy - I will add it to this topic
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