Simple Signal Generator - Revised

main_screenI recently had use for the simple signal generator. I described before for testing out some piezo buzzers I got for next to nothing.  I reloaded the code onto a TAP-28 board I had handy, made the connections and was quickly rewarded with some noise.



sig_gen_smSince I find this really useful to have around, I decided to dedicate a TAP-28 board to the task and mounted it in an enclosure.  The the same time, I wrote a simple Windows (sorry Linux guys) application to control the signal generator.  No more button pressing and terminal emulator.  Just enter the desired frequency and duty cycle and away it goes.  Very handy.

The full details including a schematic diagram, Swordfish Basic source and compiled files and the Windows application can be found on the ThrowAwayPIC site.


Posted: 8 years 9 months ago by Anonymous #5496
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Very nice Jon. Thank you for sharing.

May I ask where you found a clone CA-42 usb-to-serial cable that actually had the 5v wire active? While all of the cables I've purchased have four wires only the TX, RX, and GND wires seem to be connected.

Cheerful regards, Mike
Posted: 8 years 9 months ago by Jon Chandler #5497
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Hi Mike,

The USB adapter I used is one of two that I found on ebay recently. I wish there was a way to link to them directly that wouldn't expire in a few days. See my comments in a forum thread here:


One downside to the Prolific cable I used is that it is limited to supplying 5V from the USB connection or so I thought. When I carefully opened the snap-together housing (by tripping over the cable!), it actually has a pad for a 3.3v supply from the Prolific chip. This makes the two adapters in this thread functionally equivalent, and great for using with the 18F25K20 required by Amicus. I'll add a picture to that thread showing what's inside.


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