Handy RadioShack Test Lead Set

thumbnailRadioShack is starting to get some nice products but sadly, they are not well described on the package or on the web site.  I took a leap of faith and purchased this test lead set and I'm quite pleased with it.  The set is called a "Micro-scale Test Lead Kit" part number 2780039 and costs $20.  The package has a little information on it but it's lacking in details such as what these leads are supposed to connect to.

Let's start with the first question.  What is the lead connection?  The leads are designed to fit standard test lead probe tips.  Personally, I would have preferred that they fit banana jacks but this is ok.  The picture below shows the set.



overall view

From top to bottom, the leads are:

  • Alligator Clips
  • Nano Grabbers
  • Micro Grabbers
  • 0.025" Square Pins for header connectors and breadboards
  • Needle probes (protective cover is on)
  • 0.04" Diameter Sockets (which fit DB-connector pins)

On the side are:

  • Magnetic Probe
  • Battery Insertion Probe

All of these can be handy at times and can save a lot of frustration making connections.

The magnetic probes work great for quick battery connections.

mag probes for batteries

The battery insertion tip is designed to be inserted between two batteries in a holder so that current can be measured,  It's shown below with test leads connected.

probe tips


Since the manual isn't available until you open the package, I've posted it below.

manual 1a

manual 1b


manual 2

manual 3

Posted: 7 years 8 months ago by Jon G #9875
 Jon G's Avatar
I saw these at my local 'Shack the other day as well and almost picked them up... Maybe I should have. It gets to be a pain in the butt sometimes having to hold 3 or more things at once then say, hit a button. The section these were in at the local store had about doubled in product density since I was last there. Their component selection still wasn't fantastic, but was ok. They actually had two different digital read out temp controlled soldering irons if I remember.
Posted: 7 years 8 months ago by be80be #9876
be80be's Avatar
They are a nice set I got mime a some years back. Every one needs a good set of test leads. They beat wrapping wires around the ends of the set that comes with your meter.

Nice post Jon

Mrbasher radio shack is adding a lot of things the manager of the one here said it's based on the sales and in my work I'm always needing some thing fast and if they have it they get my money. Which is why the store here now sells a lot of parts
Posted: 7 years 8 months ago by Jon Chandler #9877
Jon Chandler's Avatar
I wish you could buy the pieces separately. For example, the sockets to fit DB connectors are nice, but having 3 end-end ones would be best to allow hooking up TxD, TxD and Gnd.

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