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a friend of jons was evaluating solar panel technology for a large-scale home project. An irradiance meter turned out to be a handy tool to help evaluate various options. A Handspring Visor PDA provided slick user interface and logging capability.

Posted: 8 years 8 months ago by Anonymous #5507
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Rob may not be impressed, but I certainly am!

Using the Handspring Visor PDA as a remote terminal device is an ingenious idea - I can see you rolling out that gear to interface with future projects as well.

Was this your first "sizeable delve" into the Amicus IDE? What did you think of the programming approach?
Posted: 8 years 8 months ago by Anonymous #5508
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This was my first major project using Amicus. I like some of the commands that aren't native to Swordfish but at the same time some things seem klugy, like having to insert a "goto" at the start of the code to jump over the subroutines.

Swordfish and Proton/Amicus are quite similar in many ways, but the syntax often is slightly different, so the documentation gets a workout. The Amicus documentation is quite good fortunately.

We've already decided that a second DS18B20 is needed. The panel temperature is a concern but the key factor is the temperature rise over ambient.

My initial prototyping was done with a 20 MHz crystal on the TAP-28 board with 4x PLL, resulting in an overclocked PIC at 80 MHz. As the Amicus page reports, this seems to work great. But since this circuit is running off batteries with variable voltage and may be operating at elevated temperatures in bright sunlight, I used a 12 MHz crystal/48 MHz clock to stay within recommended operating conditions.

This is my third TAP-28 board operating "in the wild." Almost time to run another order.
Posted: 8 years 8 months ago by Anonymous #5509
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Here's a link to a Taos tech paper explaining various light measurements:

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