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First of all, sorry about all of the new posts that have recently been made in the forum - it was the only way to semi-restore old article comments.

The new comments system has been migrated over and appears to be working fine. In essence, the new system uses the forum to handle article comments.

To see how this works, either browse to the bottom of the article or to the forum topic (where the "Article Bot" has created a short intro of the article). You can post comments by either using the forum, or replying in the article. Hopefully this new feature helps integrate the article and forum content at Digital DIY. It should also help streamline methods of communication.

Please post comments below with concerns/questions/suggestions regarding this new feature!


Not all of the forum features are available when commenting to articles. An example would be using the new syntax highlighter in the forum and then viewing the comment on the article. The code will not be highlighted, nor will it reflect the desired formatting. Perhaps someday, though not today. The [code] tags function fine in both, which will address that issue anyhow.

A note for moderators/publishers

The "Article Bot" makes use of the Readmore tag in article content to create the intro text. If there is no Readmore tag, then the whole article will be replicated in the forum.

Which brings me to my next concern - many advanced features offered in the article content are not supported in the forum software. This shouldn't be an issue of great concern, though if the Article Bot posts a topic that looks a little out-of-whack, could you kindly nudge it in the right direction and make some manual edits (to the forum content).

An example of this is the right alignment of the image above, though the forum removes the attached styling (it still appears fine in the forum, though. Might become an issue with youtube videos or image captions etc).

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