SystemConvert allows new device includes from MPLAB to be converted to Swordfish compatible INC and BAS files. When would this be handy? Say a new PIC Micro device is released, and not supported on Swordfish - this program will convert the required files...




  • Ensure you have the latest version of MPLAB installed
  • Download the SystemConvert program and copy it to a new folder in the Swordfish install path.
    • For Windows 7 32 Bit "C:\ProgramData\Mecanique\Swordfish\SystemConvert\"
    • For XP "C:\Program Files\Mecanique\Swordfish\SystemConvert\"
  • Open SystemConvert.exe and ensure it is pointing to the correct path for MPLAB
  • Click on "Get Candidates". The program will scan all available device includes found in the MPLAB install path.
  • Click on "Convert Files", and wait for a minute or two.
  • WARNING - DO NOT COPY + PASTE ALL NEW INCLUDE FILES TO SWORDFISH!! Some of the include files in the Swordfish directory have been hand edited to ensure compatibility.
  • If all goes well, you will see two folders containing *.bas files and *.inc files (in the SystemConvert folder). Each file needs to be copied into the Swordfish 'includes'. For example,

         c:\program files\mecanique\swordfish\includes\18F4520.bas
         c:\program files\mecanique\swordfish\includes\

    You will probably also need to copy the latest version of MPASMWin.exe into the Swordfish 'bin' folder, in order to assemble the new parts you have created files for.


A Final Note

Take a look at the files generated. Remember, they may need tweaking - refer to the datasheet. Also note that Microchip, on occasions, have the wrong information supplied in their own files!

A big thanks to David Barker for this release!

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