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From the Swordfish Help File:

The Human Interface Device (HID) module enables you to send structured data packets to and from the host computer. HID has the virtue of being very user friendly and plug and play. No device drivers are required on the PC side. When you plug in your USB device, the OS will detect and configure the HID device automatically. However, it does require a little more work from the programmer in terms of providing an application for the PC that will interface with the HID device. If you want to make the programming task a little easier on the PC, you might want to look at using the compiler CDC module instead.

Alternatively, you might want to try using the Swordfish EasyHID Plugin. The EasyHID Wizard can be used to automatically generate two template programs. The first program (the host software) is used on your PC. The second program (the device software) is used on your microcontroller.


Installing the Plugin

[div class="download" class2="typo-icon"]Download EasyHID[/div]

[div class="alert" class2="typo-icon"]The plugin is built in Visual Basic 2008 Express. If you cannot run the plugin, you may need to install the DotNet  framework from this link.[/div]

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