MPLAB C18 Tutorial - Setting up a new C18 project and creating an application

Setting up a new C18 project and creating an application

Last updated November 28, 2009 (11.28.09)

This tutorial will show you how to create and configure a new C18 project and then how to create an application within that project. The application is a simple one, well, at least it is at first. Yes, the typical and all-so-popular LED blinking application. What is great about this simple objective is that there are so many ways to do it! At first we will use a simple loop, then we will make use of some basic and specialized software and hardware libraries to add features and special abilities. We will eventually make use of interrupts, timers, even the PWM peripheral to 'enhance' our LED blinking application. Finally, we will conclude by adding RS-232 communication with a PC terminal program so we can control the operation of the LED blinker.

Download the MPLAB IDE installer here: MPLAB IDE

Download the MPLAB C18 Compiler installer here: MPLAB C18 Compiler

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