Introducing The Amicus18

Amicus18_picturePacking a 64Mhz PIC (18F25K20), the Amicus18 is an embedded system platform based on a simple open hardware design for a single-board microcontroller, with embedded I/O support and a standard programming language.

The Amicus18 board communicates with a personal computer via a USB interface, which presents itself as a standard serial port on the PC. It can be programmed directly through this port so there is no need for a dedicated programmer. If the need arises, there is an ICSP (In Circuit Serial Programming) interface suitable for all programmers, but tailored for the Microchip PICKit 2 programmer.



  • 18F25K20 at the core
    • 64Mhz operation (equates to 16 million instructions per second)
    • 32768 bytes of flash memory
    • 1536 bytes of RAM
    • Nine 10-bit ADC inputs
    • Two 10-bit PWM outputs
    • Two comparators
    • USART, SPI, I2C
  • Can be programmed directly with USB cable
  • Pre-loaded bootloader
  • 3 and 5 volt linear regulators onboard
  • Free development software (supported by Crownhill, the developers of Proton BASIC)
  • Not restricted to any one program language (can use C18, Swordfish, anything!)
  • Interface for all of the microcontroller pins
  • Lots of shields which expand the Amicus funtionality



The Software

Crownhill have really gone all out with this PIC version of the Arduino. The programming language is a version of Crownhill’s flagship compiler: Proton BASIC. The Amicus version of the software is completely free, with no restrictions.

If you prefer to program with Swordfish or C18 then your in-luck - Any PIC microcontroller language can be used with the Amicus18 hardware.



To expand the funtionality of the Amicus, shields developed by Crownhill can be used. A shield is basically a development board that connects straight to the Amicus. Here's an example of the simplest of shields, the Companion.

Companion Shield. Connects directly
to the Amicus for rapid prototyping

Official Shields

Ethernet Amicus18 Shield

An easy way to connect to the Internet with the Amicus.


GPS Amicus18 Shield

The Amicus GPS shield contains a 16 channel ZX4120 GPS receiver, as well as a 16k byte (128 kbit) serial (I2C) eeprom, and a 1.5 Volt, 12mm battery socket in order to maintain the receiver's built-in RTC (Real Time Clock).


Bluetooth Amicus18 Shield

Connect to the world wirelessly with the Bluetooth shield.
Reliably connect and talk to another bluetooth device, or your PC.

SmartCard Amicus18 Shield

Enter the fascinating world of Smartcard interfacing with the Smartcard Shield. Program your own smartcards and add that extra bit of security to your next project.


LCD Amicus18 Shield

Compatible with both Alphanumeric and Graphic LCDs


GSM Amicus18 Shield

Connect to anywhere in the world with the GSM modem shield. Send and receive SMS messages easily, allowing a huge range of remote monitoring and controlling projects.



Open Design

Amicus Hardware is an open design, the schematics and design data are available for download free of charge. If you want to make changes to the bootloader, then good news - it too is open source and freely downloadable.


Other Developments

I'm lucky enough to have an Amicus in the mail and on its way to me. I'll share any projects or interesting info along the way.

Posted: 8 years 8 months ago by charudatt #6354
charudatt's Avatar
First of all thank you very much for the details I found for the shield dimensions in one of your documents.

I have ordered for the Amicus board from Microchip Direct and awaiting its delivery.

I am planning to make my own development board and want to use the MCP2200 instead of the FTDI chip.

Do any of you'll see a possible mismatch in this approach ?

Posted: 8 years 4 months ago by Gevo #7973
Gevo's Avatar
Hello charudatt,

The MCP2200 is missing the DTR signal pin to reset the Amicus board to start the bootloader.

A other option is, what I working on, to use a cheap PIC18F14K50 (18F13K50) to prog as a TTL/USB converter.

Here you find some source code.

Posted: 2 years 2 months ago by gabithompson730 #17951
gabithompson730's Avatar
thanks for details, this is a very useful post

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