New Arduino R3 Prototyping Shield

This is the new Arduino Prototyping Shield

from Majenko Technologies.

proto300A complete redesign of the original Arduino Prototyping Shield which has sold so well, this has taken the comments and ideas from past users and rolled them all into what we now believe is pretty much the perfect Arduino Prototyping Shield.

Boasting many advanced features, including true UNO R3 compatability in the form of the additional header pins for SCA and SCL connections, advanced prototyping area with paired holes, and a myriad of surface mount component pads, this board makes prototyping with modern components on the Arduino a breeze.

A quick summary of the features:

PTH area

  • 16x16 prototype area with large square annulars
  • Paired pads
  • Exposed pairing links to make breaking pairs easy
  • Many power and ground connections available
  • Large holes to accommodate multiple component leads and wires
  • Common rail available for any use you choose
  • UNO R3 I²C pins available
  • Grid coordinates for main prototyping area
  • Pin function labels for SPI and digital pins

SMD Pads

  • All pads ruggedised to prevent lifting while soldering / desoldering.

Top side:

  • SOIC-14 IC pad
  • SOIC-28 Universal IC pad
  • 9 x 0805 component pads

Reverse side:

  • TSSOP-28 pad *
  • TSSOP-14 pad *
  • 3 x SO-26 pads *

* shared with top side pads

Available now in our ebay shop, priced just £4.49!

Front SMD Pads
Rear SMD Pads

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