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Jon's recent venture with an oscilloscope sparked my curiosity to have another look at the entry level market, and I only just released that there's a relatively new player on the block. OK, so I am a few months behind; perhaps I should not have used the sole Australian Owon distributor for guidance (their products page has not been updated for some time).

The entire Owon SmartDS Series of oscilloscopes (SDS8202 SDS8102 SDS7102 SDS6062) are very competitively priced. The SDS7102 looks to me like the best bang-for-buck (sub AUD$500 100Mhz, 1GS/s, 10M record length). I'm surprised there are a handful (if that) reviews; perhaps Rigol snapped up the market earlier with their DS1000E series?


Here is an overview of features for modules in the SDS series (sourced from the Owon website):

sds features

User Manuals


Marmad22 has done a good review on youtube - overall he gives the scope a good wrap; although he does highlight some potential quality issues (switches/feet) and suggests a few usability improvements within the software. It's not depicted in the video, although a couple of months later Marmad22 decides to returns the scope and save for a low-end Agilent or something mid range (~$2K). No doubt driven by professional necessity, no doubt exceeding the everyday hobbyists needs.

Given the price, I'd expect some rough edges, but with a 3 year warranty, for me it's a gauntlet worth running. What do you think?

Posted: 7 years 6 months ago by Jon Chandler #10384
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A $15 moss-covered 'scope isn't good enough?!?

The Owon 'scopes do look sweet. Lots of features and bang for the buck.

The is a thread on the EEVBlog forum with a lot of details and information on different models. It's good reading if you're going to get one of these.

Anyone want to trade for a Tektronix 'scope, slightly used?
Posted: 7 years 6 months ago by W4GNS #10385
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Late last year I debated this issue with myself for several weeks. The 100Mhz Owon had an excellent price, but in the end I decided to buy a reconditioned/aligned Tek 2465A @ 350Mhz as I experiment with HF from 3.5 - 28 Mhz. If not for the RF work I do, I would most likely have settled on the Owon. I got the Tek for about the same price as the 100Mhz Owon and it is in super condition. Plus Chinese QC is shakey @ best IMHO.

Plus my money stayed in the states, with a retired NBC engineer.

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