Robot For Xmas


Introducing the RoboBuilder 5710K Robot Kit

Easy Assembly:
The robot comes with 16 servos (DoF) and is assembled using a Joint-Insert system which makes for easy assembly and modification of the robot.
The included manual documents 3 shapes (Humanoid, Dinosaur and Dog) but with the joint-assembly system you can redesign the robot into any shape you can imagine.

The robot has a built-in Microprocessor for storing and executing new motions and autonomous behaviors.
5 different programming options are available to suit absolute Beginners and Intermediate-to-Expert Users alike.
In addition we have included the Object Detection (Distance) Sensor and Acceleration Sensor in this Robosavvy Edition further improving its performance in autonomous missions.

Smooth Learning Curve:
Starting with the easy joint-insert assembly system, you can start using the robot immediately with the pre-programmed motions.
After that, MotionBuilder can be used to create and add new moves to the robot using a simple "catch-and-play" system.

Once you're familiar with the robot, you can move on to programming Autonomous Behaviors:

  • ActionBuilder is a friendly graphical tool for Beginners to create simple behaviours (avoid obstacles, get up after falling, etc.).
  • Microsoft Robotics Development Studio:  Learn about the robot and how to use the Visual Programming Language to have it react to Voice Commands, Control from your Keyboard or Gamepad, etc.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .Net: Choose form the MSRDS libraries or the Libraries Developed by our Community that will let you perform full interaction with the Robot, the Sensors and the Servo bus.
  • C programming: sample software and libraries are available for programming the robot, including full Source Code of the Standard Firmware.

More info can be found here

Posted: 8 years 9 months ago by Graham Mitchell #5469
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Wow! I bet this is on your wish list for xmas Gav
Posted: 8 years 9 months ago by bitfogav #5470
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It certainly was on my wish list Graham

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