£2.99 PIC Development Board

xino_basicXino Basic - The kit comes with everything you see above (supplied as a kit, un-assembled)

I would imagine that this came just in time for Christmas for a few people. Ciseco have managed to put together a development board package that costs £2.99, and there are a number of international resellers.

While the Xino does not have an abundance of useful hardware to get applications/projects functional, it does provide a great learning platform that is compatible with the ever-so-popular Arduino shield layout. Transistor Transistor Logic.

The XINO basic is the "little brother" to the XINO. Designed to be the most economic way possible of running a PIC or PICAXE with Arduino plug and play shaped shields.

The board was inspired due to a number of requests from educational users. They said they wanted child friendly devices at pocket money prices, like the XINO, but for less.

  • It had to be very low cost.
  • It had to support a range of microcontrollers.
  • It had to remain "Arduino" shaped.
  • It had to be robust enough for tiny hands.


Ciseco ended up with a design that supprised even them. It achieved the goals set and had equal appeal to any age or experience, this wasn't just a "board for kids".

  • Designed to support a range of PICAXE's and bare PIC's. (PIC or PICAXE not included). Currently the stereo jack supports programming of PICAXE's we are working on the least cost option for PIC's.
  • Plug and play, be running in seconds, no more frustrating breadboarding of bare chips.
  • Supports the 18M2, 28x1 & 28x2 PICAXE. (Only one can be installed at once)
  • Easily "stack" add on boards (shields) see our other items.
  • Designed to be battery powered by 3x1.5v cells
  • A project developed on a PICAXE is easily transferred to another PIC language/compiler as the boards are identical to our PIC boards. This means you can cut your teeth on PICAXE basic then move to other BASIC's or C, PASCAL, assembler etc without changing your hardware
  • Through holes to add an external crystal


The latest version has support for:

  • 3.3v and 5v PIC's (simple jumper selection)
  • 2.54mm header for connection to the serial pins for boot loading PIC's (details of the procedure to follow after first shipment has commenced)

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