Video - Intro To PIC Programming

This video might be old, although thousands of people have found it to be a useful resource if they are new to PICs. Here are the topics covered:

  • From start to end - how to get an LED to blink!
  • Basic hardware requirements
  • Concept of breadboards
  • How to use PICKit 2 and Swordfish software
  • How to drive datasheets to extract pin-outs etc

I do assume a little bit of electronics knowledge - eg, reading circuit diagrams - I'm guessing if someone has the knowledge to Google "Intro To PIC's" then they know something about basic electronics...


Useful Info in the Video

Swordfish Compiler

There are HEAPS of different PIC compilers out there, one of the best is Swordfish. The free version is very nonrestrictive and more importantly, its free. You can download it here. For more info or guidance, please use this forum designed specifically for Swordfish Basic support.

That said, if you really like the compiler than please consider supporting the developer by purchasing it from a distributor close to you.

PIC18F452 Datasheet

You can download the PIC18F452 datasheet here (scroll down the page and look for "PIC18FXX2 Datasheet").

Demo Code

Flashing LED Program
Device = 18F452
Clock = 20
Dim LED as PORTB.0
While True


Posted: 8 years 7 months ago by Mosaic #6333
Mosaic's Avatar
The link is broken!
Posted: 8 years 7 months ago by Graham Mitchell #6334
Graham Mitchell's Avatar
Yes, sadly I lost this video in 2009 when migrating from gramos-picbasic.

If anyone would like to volunteer to make another version of it, I would be greatly appreciative. Right now I do not have the time to put one together.
Posted: 8 years 6 months ago by Graham Mitchell #6606
Graham Mitchell's Avatar
AndyO saved the day! He had a copy of the video and it's now safely on youtube for all to share.2

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