Mini-Tip: Flat Flex Cable Adapter

Encoder-300For controlling the oscillator modules I got for the wine glass project, a rotary encoder is a great choice.  I salvaged a nice encoder from a VCR.  The center part is a knob for the rotary encoder that rotates continuously.  The outer ring can rotate right of left by about  ΒΌ turn.  I may be able to use it for reset or some other function.

The downside of this salvaged encoder is that it has a flat flex cable (FFC) connection with 0.05" pitch.  I could have soldered wires to the FFC, but this doesn't always work very well or provide reliable connections.

I had a sudden inspiration.  The pitch of the FFC is the same as the pic of an SOIC chip.  I have some SOIC adapters from Sure Electronics that I might be able to press into service to make a working adapter.



FFC-and-SOC-adapterThe pitch of the SOIC adapter lines up perfectly with the FFC conductors.

I tinned the SOIC adapter pads by dragging a wetted soldering iron tip across the pads.  You don't need much solder.

I applied flux to the solder coated pads, lined up the cable with the conductor side again the pads and quickly heated each pad by touching the soldering iron to the back side of the cable.

The result isn't too pretty, but it's serviceable as shown below.  All I have to do is add a row of header pins and I've have a user-friendly encoder.






Posted: 7 years 3 months ago by majenko #10690
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Is it my eyes, or is that a little bit of pitch drift I see there? Not quite a perfect match up, but close. Any more than those 6 connections and you'd run into shorts.
Posted: 7 years 3 months ago by Jon Chandler #10691
Jon Chandler's Avatar
The pitch is the same. My alignment is slightly off but it works for me.

Use the idea if it's useful to you or ignore it if you like.
Posted: 7 years 3 months ago by majenko #10692
majenko's Avatar
Oh, I shall certainly be using that idea. It's a great one.

And top marks for coming up with it.

From this day forth it will be known as "Chandlering the cable"
Posted: 7 years 3 months ago by Jon G #10693
 Jon G's Avatar
hmm... Maybe I should have sent you some of the rotary encoders I ordered when I sent you those chips the other day. oops! Looks like it works anyhow and hacking stuff is usually more fun. (ingenious as usual btw)

Let me know if you'd like to take a look at the swordfish code I did for the rotary encoder. Might be useful.

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