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bookmark screenThere are a lot of useful tools on-line.  I got busy and organized some of the ones I use often.  Perhaps you'll find these useful.  Please share others that you use.

I installed these in the bookmark toolbar in Firefox. 

Save to Parts List

Bookmark for Arena PartSaver to organize components in a Google Docs spreadsheet

DigChip IC Database
Datasheet, cross-reference and functional listing of integrated circuits

Locate integrated circuits

Resistor Value Table
Table of standard values

Standard Capacitor Values
Table of standard values

Copper Wire Table
Properties of copper wire

Google Translate
Translate foreign phrases and web pages


Convert scanned documents to text

Image Vectorization
Convert images to vector format

Trace Width Calculator
Calculate the needed trace width on a printed circuit board

Trace Resistance Calculator
Calculate the resistance of a printed circuit trace

Gerber Viewer
On-line Gerber file viewer.  Check Gerbers before submitting for fab

On-line printed circuit board check

Thread & Tap Table - Imperial
Tap & clearance hole sizes, inch dimensions

Screw & Tap Table - Metric
Tap & clearance hole sizes, inch dimensions

Surface Finish Table
Surface finish achievable by various machining methods

Sheet Metal Gage Table
Sheet metal gage

Fractional Inch / mm Table
Fraction conversion table

Voltage Divider Calculator
Voltage divider calculations

Parallel Resistors
Calculate parallel resistor values

LED Resistor Calculator
Calculate LED resistors

Heat Sink Calculator
Determine heatsink requirements

Engineering Calculator -EEWeb
Wide range of calculations

Posted: 7 years 2 weeks ago by Jon Chandler #9915
Jon Chandler's Avatar
Please share links for any on-line tools or references you find useful. My links certainly aren't the ultimate in useful tools but they are tools I often use. I organized them so I don't have to Google for them when I need them.
Posted: 7 years 2 weeks ago by RangerBob #9917
RangerBob's Avatar
Things like Natsemi's Webbench and Maxim's EESim tools are very handy for quickly producing reference designs tailored to your specifications.

Microchips MAPS is also a very useful tool I have book marked.
Posted: 7 years 2 weeks ago by Jon Chandler #9918
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Good additions RangerBob. Thank you!

I don't think I've seen MAPS before. It's a handy tool for wading through all of Microchip's wide range of parts quickly.
Posted: 7 years 2 weeks ago by MrDEB #9919
MrDEB's Avatar
BOY lots of useful info
Thanks Jon
Posted: 7 years 2 weeks ago by Jon G #9921
 Jon G's Avatar
Well you listed Google translate, but Google in general is about the best resource I have ever found. :p

Another thing Google is good for that a lot of people probably don't realize... Conversions.

You can convert just about anything! You just type it in like a search and as long as you can somewhat SPELL, you'll get a result. Try this: "10 milliamp hours to amp days"

Now, why you'd want that, who knows... But, you can convert it! The result is: 10 (milliampere hours) = 0.000416666667 ampere days

Or this: "10 miles per hour in meters per minute" = 10 miles per hour = 268.22400 meters per minute

Anyhow, handy for stuff.
Posted: 7 years 2 weeks ago by Jon G #9922
 Jon G's Avatar
I wanted to add... Get creative with that Google conversion thing I posted. In fact I JUST used it to check something at work. I put this in:

"18.2 gigabytes per 7 hours in megabits per second"

The result was -
(18.2 gigabytes) per (7 hours) = 5.91644444 megabits per second

See how handy that can be? Takes care of all the hard parts for me, just like computers were meant to
Posted: 7 years 1 week ago by Jon Chandler #9959
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I just found this and it looks potentially interesting. It's an on-line schematic editing tool offered by Digikey, called Scheme-It. In my short bit of playing around, it seems to be pretty each to use. A down side is that it seems to offer only functional blocks (a gate, a flip-flop) rather than symbols for actual parts. Parts can be drawn and saved. It's worth a look.

Posted: 7 years 1 week ago by Jon Chandler #9960
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I forgot one other tool I use from time to time, the LaTeX Online Equation Editor. It's a bit confusing to use but the results are awesome in a publication.

This code:
I_{LED}= \frac{V_s-V_L_E_d}{R}

generates this:

Posted: 7 years 1 week ago by MrDEB #9961
MrDEB's Avatar
Kinda trivial but maybe something useful?
an lm317 calculator and a graphical resistor color code

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