Some Useful Jumpers and Test Leads

Female_-_banana_plug_in_use_-_littleDuring my testing of the H-bridge board, I had practically all my test leads and jumpers strung out every which way.  I decided to share a few pictures of my collection as good test leads can make development much easier.  Most of these are inexpensive and a few I made myself.




The first picture is an oldie-but-goodie.  This pair of clip leads to banana plugs have been in constant use for more than 15 years.  These leads, from Pomona, are usually plugged into my DVD.  These are good for quick tests, but tend to short when used on header pins.



This picture shows an aligator clip lead.  These are cheap and available at any electronics store including RadioShack.  Unfortunately, they are nearly useless for making connections to header pins.  They will short adjacent pins and fall off easily.



This picture shows male-male jumpers.  These are commonly used with breadboards and are much easier to use than various lengths of solid wire with 90° bends on the end.  They are also handy to plug into female headers like those on the TAP-28.  Sparkfun has these available.  Sure Electronics offers a large handful of various length jumpers on ebay.



I find female-female jumpers more handy than the male-male.  These slip over header pins and won't slip off easily.  Actually, they are often used with male-male jumpers to connect a header pin to a breadboard.



The next few picures show some banana jack-female header cables I made.  One of the USB adapters I ordered included the female header ends which I didn't use.  These are handy  for connecting power supplies or voltmeters to a board.  The first picture shows standard banana plugs.  The second shows stacking plugs - a plug can be plugged into the back of the first.  In the third picture, the black & red leads are for power to the TAP-28 and the green & yellow leads are connected to a DVM to measure frequency.







I made a few mini-clip to male jumpers.  They're handy when using the PICkit 2 logic analyzer.



Finally, just to be sure people know about this... I like to use a 6" jumper cable with the PICkit 2, rather than plugging the PICkit directly to the connector on the board.  Sparkfun has female-female cables for ICSP.  A female-male cable is desirable but I haven't been able to find a source for those.  In order to connect the female cable to the female connector on the PICkit, I use a 6-pin section of header pins to couple them together.

Note how I've indicated pin 1 on this cable - this is extremely important since the PICkit connector is not keyed.




I hope you'll find some of these ideas helpful.  A few test leads are handy to have.

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