Create Articles

Articles are easy to make and are the best way to share share good content (such as guides or completed projects). Once you're logged in, there are only a couple of steps.



Click on the following tabs for a quick burst on each step.

Visit your content list

Your Content List

Navigate to Site Tools > Submit/Edit Content. There you will find a list of articles, your articles. They can only be modified by you or administrators.


Create an article

Create an Article

Once in the content list, simply click "New article" and an editor will load.


Start typing!

The Editor

for the most part, the article editor is a WYSIWUG (What You See Is What You Get). An overview of features and how-to's can be found here. For additional help, please post a question in the article support forum.


Save the article

Save Your Work

When you're finished, save the article. Even if your not finished, you can save the article and come back to it at a later date (via your content list  - step 1).



Public access

Several people in the community volunteer to be content publishers at Digital DIY. Once your article is finished, let them know with this form. Your article will be checked and published for public access!


For performance reasons, you have two hours to save an article. After that you will receive a "session timeout" error (when saving).

Before you save the article, copy your work (select all, CTRL+C). Because it would suck to find out the hard way that your internet was flakey and a timeout occurred. (When online, clicking 'back' will not work. Most browsers have a 'work offline' mode. If this happens to you, enable 'offline' mode and click back from the browser.)

Share it

Don't forget to share your efforts via any of the social networks provided on the published article!

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