EEVblog #180 – Soldering Tutorial Part 1 – Tools

Dave at EEV Blog has another great video blog on soldering.  Highly recommended watching.


Watch the video

Posted: 8 years 2 months ago by Jon G #8291
 Jon G's Avatar
I just bought that very same soldering iron. (FX-888) I love it so far and it heats up in like 10 seconds! I made due with my 20 dollar special from Fry's for long enough. I need to watch this video Thanks for posting.
Posted: 8 years 2 months ago by MrDEB #8312
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I purchased a KOMEC 936 for $60 or so. All the writ ups I found say it is a HAKO but its the discontinued model.
YES it heats up in 10 seconds, very consistence heat.
Glad Jon suggested buying a temp controlled iron instead of building one.
The video is pretty good
Thanks for sharing
SEE I take your advice Jon
Posted: 8 years 2 months ago by Jon G #8313
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I think I paid $65 for mine and it came with the chisel tip.

The iron I had was fine and temperature controlled but its nothing compared to the fx-888. That being said the one thing that completely changed soldering for me was to buy some nice wire. I actually find myself looking forward to soldering stuff now. I can't say im wonderful at soldering but I do pretty fair and its almost all because of the right solder and iron
Plus, the magic ingredient... flux. At minimum your solder needs to have flux. Flux makes it go were its supposed to.
Posted: 8 years 2 months ago by Jon Chandler #8316
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Dave has posted EEVblog #181 – Dead Bug Prototype Soldering, a related topic.
Dave show you how to solder a small 3 axis accelerometer LGA surface mount chip “dead bug” style onto a microcontroller prototyping board. This technique allows you to easily prototype projects using tiny SMD components designed only for reflow soldering.

I really have to question "easily" but this is a way to use QFN and DFN parts that have no leads exposed for soldering. I still recommend avoiding these type of parts but this is a good technique for prototyping a board that is to be reflow soldered.

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