MikroElektronika's Online Book: PIC Microcontrollers

ME_PIC_bookThis great reference may have been mentioned here before but it's well worth a blog post even if it has been.

MikroElektronika has made PIC Microcontrollers by Milan Verle available online free of charge.  This 394 page reference covers the nitty-gritty of PIC microcontrollers and provides great insite into what goes on inside.  The how and why of hardware functions are clearly explained.

Table of Contents

This book is available for browsing and reading online, absolutely free of charge. To read book free online follow next links:

Here are a couple testimonials from the site:

"Must have for PIC starters" by John Peterson

"Book that absolutely worth of reading. It provides simple way to understand PIC architecture and programming. This book is not about fancy projects, it is basically good starting point and definitely a must have. There is no boring material and confusing diagrams about PIC architecture. The author states that microcontroller is a good-natured "genie in the bottle" and it cannot be said in a better way."

"Excellent intro to microcontroller programming" by Jeff Lurk

"My first book that i have bought regarding PIC programming and I can honestly say that it's a superbly written book. The book is very simple to read and follow with great 3d illustrations. The author is enthusiastic and guides reader through the world of PIC microcontroller very easily. Many people including myself are scared by assembly programming, but you'll find it's much easier than you think and you'll get the hang of it quite quickly."

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