Some Comments about Network Security - EDN Editor Ron Wilson

289226-Stuxnet_and_the_Internet_of_Victims_image1In this age of more and more "things" connected to internet, security becomes a big issue.  It's one thing to have your internet-connected toaster hacked and you have burned toast for breakfast but quite another to have a internet-controlled traffic signal hacked to turn the light green in all directions!  Ron Wilson has some thought-provoking comments based on real-world events.

"In marketing speak, it is the Internet of Things. Just as in the first decade of this century the Internet connected the world’s people, so—the pundits tell us—in this decade, the Internet will connect the world’s man-made objects. The toaster will talk to the television, and the light switch will lie down with the lamp. Without debating the wisdom of this scenario for global unification, we feel the need to offer it a hurled monkey wrench and then to observe the consequences.

Our spanner comes in the form of that recently famous computer virus, Stuxnet. As you may recall, no one has admitted to being the source of the virus. But it appears that some organization opposed to Iran’s nuclear program launched Stuxnet onto the Internet to attack the software that controls Iran’s uranium-enrichment centrifuges. Unfortunately, Stuxnet seems to have attacked many other instances of this widely used software, as well, making it perhaps the first act of global cyberterrorism.

It won’t be the last..."

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Posted: 8 years 6 months ago by Jon Chandler #6839
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Sorry for posting a bunch of stuff from EDN recently but a number of things have caught my fancy. This is actually the article I was looking for and I found the other items on the way to finding this one
Posted: 8 years 6 months ago by Graham Mitchell #6851
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Interesting final statement as well:
Ignore security, and the Internet of Things becomes the Internet of Victims.
I shudder to imagine the amount of coin spent on every type of security implement. There's almost nothing that we don't secure in some way, what an honest species we aren’t!

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