EEVblog #262 – World’s Simplest Soft Latching Power Switch Circuit

Dave's got another great video on how to use a simple push-button switch as an on/off power switch.  Using this circuit can save the cost of a high-current toggle switch and makes a very clean user interface.  As usual, Dave carefully explains the details of the circuit in a clear, concise manner.

Watch the video for complete details.


Posted: 7 years 5 months ago by Jon Chandler #7599
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There's quite a discussion about this circuit on the EEVBlog forum.

There's a slightly simpler version posted.

The story is here, in Russian.
Posted: 6 years 10 months ago by hop #12470
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Neat subject Jon! I have been looking at this for my LED light bar. I was going to use a cheap pic to control it, maybe a fade out feature, then sleep. But soft power switching is something I would like for my projects. I need to spend a week or so experimenting with N and P channel MOSFETS to get more comfortable with them.

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