Geoff's Projects: The Maximite BASIC Computer

From Geoff's Projects Blog comes the Maximite BASIC computer.  It looks like an interesting bit of kit and the table of contents at the blog has some other interesting topics.

The Maximite is a small and versatile computer running a full featured BASIC interpreter with 128K of working memory.

It will work with a standard VGA monitor and PC compatible keyboard and because the Maximite has its own built in SD memory card and BASIC language you need nothing more to start writing and running BASIC programs.

The Maximite also has also 20 input/output lines which can be independently configured as analog inputs, digital inputs or digital outputs.  You can measure voltage, frequencies, detect switch closure, etc and respond by turning on lights, closing relays, etc - all under control of your BASIC program.

The design and the firmware including the BASIC interpreter is free to download and use.   And all this is powered by a single chip which costs just US$8.44.

The Maximite was described in the March, April and May 2011 issues of Silicon Chip magazine. 

The mini Maximite was described in the November 2011 issue of Silicon Chip magazine. 

If you have not read the articles you can find out all you need to know by clicking on the links below:

Check out the rest of the article at Geoff's Projects.

Posted: 7 years 7 months ago by W4GNS #10111
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The following link shows a $30.00 clone of the Maximite ... -mini.html
Posted: 7 years 7 months ago by Jon Chandler #10112
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It seems like these things would be useful for quick and dirty projects with some pretty simple code.

The Dontronics page links to Olimex products. My experience with Olimex is user-hostile customer support - your mileage may vary.
Posted: 7 years 7 months ago by W4GNS #10115
W4GNS's Avatar
Well for that price I went ahead and ordered one. I had wanted the Maximite but was unwilling to spend $100.00 on one.The price of the board is pretty much inline with other such hardware.
Yes it will be great for quick and dirty projects, but with the PIC32MX695 there should be nothing holding one back with the proper experience, from making complex projects with the language of one's choice,weather it be another form of Basic, C, or whatever. For me, I agree it will be for quick and dirty projects but in the proper hands I see no reason great things could not be made with the boards.
At any rate it will useful to burn up some time on, which I have plenty of.
Posted: 7 years 7 months ago by Graham Mitchell #10213
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There has been a lot of exposure for this board recently - it's always refreshing to see a new development platform rollout that is well priced and features.

Do you guys get the Silicon Chip magazine in the states?

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